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3 Types of Breakfast

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3 Types of Breakfast

3 Types of Breakfast

The oats are by far the best grain from a qualitative point of view. Mention may also muesli, wheat flakes blown, said fruit cereals.
Then come and range chocolate cereal or honey, it has the drawback of being too sugary.
The worst cereal grain quality are stuffed with a chocolate paste. They are fat and sweet.

Tips and Tricks :

Types of Breakfast

Types of Breakfast

Have two cereal packets of different types to shift and diversify your breakfast, especially if your favorite cereal are not those of better quality.

The wide range of products currently marketed to take can have breakfast outside, by using products from individual pre- packaged. The choice may be, for example from the following products:

Dairy: Yoghurt drinks, flavored milk briquette
Cereal product: Cereal biscuits breakfast, gingerbread,
Product fruity: Briquette juice 100% pure fruit juice, fresh fruit (transportable), individual compote soft bag
Drink: Bottle of 330ml water, coffee or tea mug takeaway or mini thermos.

Too fat or too sweet …

Fad or easy solution, breakfasts teenagers have become an advertising and marketing target. Traditional bread, butter and jam or chocolate spread are no longer the favorite, to other products such as pastries (often chocolate) and more recently the so-called specific cookies for breakfast.

Some of these cookies have an interesting composition, and have the advantage of being well-conditioned (individually wrapped). But many of them are still too high in simple sugars and fatty acids. On the other hand, these products accustom the child or adolescent to consume processed food sweet, which deviates from the basic foods.

Pastries have also become everyday consumer, but are an important sweet and fat intake (a chocolate bread or croissant is 6 sugar and 1 tablespoon oil fat soup!) These products must meet an occasional drink.

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