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A good horserider needs good material !

The practice of horse riding like any other sport requires adequate equipment. Horseback riding can be a dangerous activity, so it is important to pay particular attention to the equipment you choose for riding. Quality, reliability, safety … these are the key words that will guide you in choosing a good riding equipment.

What accessories for a self-respecting rider?

Every good rider who respects himself must have equipment worthy of the name. Indeed, it is not only its comfort and its safety, but also the well-being and safety of its mount that are at stake. Among the accessories essential for a good practice of riding, we certainly find the saddle.

Choose your saddle first

The saddle is the riding accessory on which the rider rides his horse. It is acquired most of the time according to the equestrian discipline that you want to practice. Riding saddles can be made of leather or synthetic, specialized or versatile. We offer quality stools and second-hand saddles. We have selected the best leather saddle from Kentucky. The saddle is accompanied by various accessories such as a carpet on which it is laid, straps, stirrups, etc.

Appropriate clothing

The practice of riding requires the wearing of suitable clothing. These include riding helmets, gloves, pants or riding boots. These garments protect the rider from minor injuries, but they also protect him from the cold and bad weather; this is the case of the jacket or the jacket.

Other accessories for horse and rider

We also offer quality riding crops to steer your mount. We have many types of crops such as riding crops or dressage crops. Also, various whips and chambers are available for those who prefer ths kind of accessories. We provide you hitch tools, spurs for your boots and accessories for your mount. We offer craft items made from raw materials from Kentucky.

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