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Is it safe to buy a saddle that is 5 Yo+ ?

You will have to use different materials for riding. They ensure both your comfort and your safety during the climb. The saddle is part of the essential equipment. She will be in direct contact with you and your horse. It will be necessary to choose the adapted model, to carry out the good interviews so that it persists. The duration of use will then depend on the model purchased.

The life of a saddle

The saddle is the material on which you will settle during the climb on horseback. It will therefore help you to balance. Indeed, it will be placed on the horse's back. Its utility also concerns the comfort of the latter. Various accessories are attached to this equipment including the strap, the stirrup leathers, etc. It also brings together the various tools that will serve you during the ride. It then has an important role for this activity. With the right seat, you will be able to perform well in a race. It will also be a good time for you. However, like any material, it may exhibit wear during use. Buying a saddle of more than 5 years can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Everything will depend on the model you have chosen. Some brands last for more than 30 years. The purchase will be safe if the used saddle is of good quality.

Choosing your saddle

When buying a saddle, various criteria must be taken into account in relation to the characteristics of the product. Size, shape, material, etc. are variables that guarantee your comfort and safety. You will also find on the market saddles made of leather and other synthetics. In terms of duration, leather products will be more durable than synthetic ones. It must also be adapted to your morphology and that of the horse. The shape must depend on that of your horse. Your height and weight will also be parameters to evaluate to make your choice. For the riders, the discipline practiced will also be part of the criteria. You will find by following this link https://equitack.com various models of saddle for all tastes and needs. By choosing the right model, even with a duration of 5 years, your security is guaranteed.

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